Posted by Admin | May 5th, 2010

Dan Binstock is an absolute professional. He places your career first–regardless of whether he makes a placement. He wants to do what is in your best interest, something that I can’t say about other recruiters I have spoken with. Upon meeting Dan for the first time, he provided insight as to how to make my resume better, and provided an artfully worded cover letter that helped me get several interviews. Dan worked hard with me to research potential employers, always keeping in mind what I had told him I was looking for. He didn’t want to waste my time by sending me to an employer that we knew would not offer me the position I was looking for. Even though Dan got me several interviews in one city, I had located a position in another city that was very attractive to me. When I asked Dan for his opinion, Dan told me that he thought that the opportunity in the other city was one that would be difficult to find anywhere else. I appreciate that, and appreciate Dan’s honesty and candor. Dan easily could have told me that he thought that the position that would earn him a placement was better for me; he didn’t. Now I am extremely happy in my new position, and, even though he didn’t make the placement, I feel that Dan is partly responsible for getting me here. I recommend Dan wholeheartedly, and hope to have him send some placements my way.

– Robert K